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Overcoming Fast Fashion Issues by Evolution in Jewelry Designs & Techniques!

Updated: Jun 30, 2021

In today's modern world, if we want to have artistic and applicable work, we must pay attention to the concept of beneficial progress and then create a new, progressive, and practical work. Therefore, in the upcoming new collection, I looked for evolution in technique, form and application! To create this series of works, I have primarily used brass and steel metal wires to retain their jewelry appearance, but in technique, instead of using a plain metal plate, I tried to recreate the surface piece by weaving the metal wires by a table loom wherever I could. Regarding the application, this idea was always in my mind that "Fast Fashion," one of the most significant environmental issues of today fashion industry, can be overcome if parts of a dress such as collars (similar to a necklace) or cuffs (similar to a bracelet) can be portable and changeable as well! In fact, by having just a pair of these Cuff/Bracelets and one or two simple shirts with different colors, one can always look stylish and luxurious so that everyone can wear them with confidence at different parties and events. Indeed, the design and style of the clothes themselves are no longer critical and choosing these fashion jewelry pieces will make and characterize the wearer as a stylish, nature lover and different person.

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