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Sareh has been creating jewellery since childhood as she bought her first pack of beads at the age of 9 and started making bracelets then! Indeed, working with her hands has always brought her a great sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. She has completed her study and got her bachelor’s degree of Hands Crafts in 2007 as well as her master’s degree of Art Appeal at Art University of Tehran in 2011.


During her studies at university, she had a chance to experience all Iranian handicraft techniques; These include wood workshop (Monabbat and Mo'araq) pottery and ceramics workshop, weaving workshop (carpet, kilim, gabbeh and fabrics weaving) and metal workshop (metallic jewelry making).

Then she started weaving fabrics with metallic fibers as her major! And later on, she succeeded in connecting applied arts such as jewelry with imaginary art and has created a type of artwork by her own “Metal Tapestry” technique that became the center of her universe in 2012. She has push through to become a new wave of jewellery designer, creating collections that weave together old techniques with contemporary design.


After perfecting the imperfections of the new technique, her collections of high-end, unique designs of fashion jewellery all handmade from steel, brass and silver wires utilizing her specific technique became an instant hit with customers that connects them to their emotions, grace, style and charm. Every item is either One-of-a-kind or limited-edition handmade at Sareh’s home studio in Toronto.

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